About Vaginal Procedures

We offer services to restore and enhance the appearance of the vaginal area, also known as vaginoplasty or cosmetic and aesthetic vaginal rejuvenation. This procedure resurfaces and tightens the tissues of the vulvar and vaginal area for a younger look and function. The vaginal tissue and muscles can become stretched from the effects of childbirth, aging, trauma, or genetics. Discomfort with intimate contact, rubbing, pulling, vulvar pain, and inability to wear certain clothing are results of labial enlargement.

Dr. Jayasinghe’s innovative techniques are able to rejuvenate & reverse these effects. We offer four different types of cosmetic surgeries to reinstate the features of the vaginal area: Vaginal Rejuvenation (Vaginoplasty), Perineorrhaphy, Labial Reduction, and Clitoral Hood Reduction. With one or a combination of these operations, we’ll be able to address the features you’re most interested in enhancing.